Selmalda News

Boston & DCS - Group Awards


Here are Rugers, Ch. Selmalda The Journey J.W., awards from Boston after a most successful day.

Our Dogs Annual Advert


Thrilled to bits with this years Our Dogs annual. As always many thanks to Lisa and her super photos and artwork. To the owners, judges and all that make this success a reality - thank you from Lesley & I. Happy New Year.



A super afternoon and Lesley & I are proud breeder/owners. SWGDC Top 12 Ch. Selmalda ZiZis Journey J.W. - Super League Winner. Ch. Selmalda Journey To Melody At Samdice - 2nd Super League John, Heather & Candice. Ch. Selmalda The Journey J.W. - 2nd Super League Jacqui. Sincere thanks to our judge Ken Sinclair and well done to all the other winners.

Its official - CHAMPION ZIZI


Delighted to receive through the post The Kennel Clubs certificate confirming not only ZiZis Challenge Certificate achieved in Belfast from Jeff Luscott but also confirmation of her Champion title along with our Breeder Diploma. Very satisfying. CHAMPION SELMALDA ZiZis Journey J.W. - our 16th homebred Champion.

Dane of the Year


Dane Of The Year - Ch. Selmalda The Journey J.W. - 1st Open Dog, Best Dog & BOS. Co-owned with Jacqui. Ch. Selmalda ZiZi’s Journey J.W. - 3rd Open Bitch. Ch. Selmalda Journey To Melody At Sandice - 4th Open Bitch. Owned by John, Heather & Candice. Lesley & I express sincere thanks to Dog judge Ken Humphries and well done to all winners today. Judge Ken Humphries critique Open Dog 1st Chappell & Williams Ch. Selmalda The Journey J.W. A big strong male with regal looks; outstanding in profile and on the move, well balanced. A very close fit to my interpretation of the breed standard. He has a strong but not over the top head, flowing neck into well-muscled shoulders, well filled in deep chest with a good tuck up, strong bone, tight feet, excellent mover.

Driffield AS - What a muddy day!


Lesley, Jacqui & I are over the moon with Ruger today. Ch. Selmalda The Journey J.W. - 1st Open Dog, CC (#11) & BOB. Ch. Selmalda ZiZi’s Journey J.W. - 2nd Open Bitch. Selmalda Journey To The Line - 2nd Limit Dog - John, Heather & Candice Dyson. Ch. Selmalda Journey To Melody At Samdice - unplaced Open Bitch. Thank you to judge Peter King, well done the other winners and many thanks for the support in the Group. What a muddy day! Judge Peter King's critique - OD (7) 1st Chappell & Williams Ch. Selmalda The Journey J.W. Well made, powerful Fawn with bone and substance. He has a very nice outline, strong head with length to foreface, black mask, good rise over brow, however, I would prefer a flat skull, depth of chest with just enough fill, strong muscled neck well set into a firm topline, well muscled loin and padded croup. I thought he just flowed through neck and over topline, showed himself very well to take the DCC and BOB. Judge Peter King's critique - OB 2nd Chappell's Selmalda ZiZi's Journey J.W. Very nice outline on this Fawn girl, standing square. Her head has square drop of lip, width to foreface, black mask, dark eye and correct stop and flat skull, she has strength and the elegance needed. Shown in immaculate condition.

Belfast DS - New CHAMPION!


Champion #16 for Selmalda. Subject to KC Confirmation this is Ch. S. ZiZi’s Journey J.W. (Int. Multi Ch. Diplomatics Val Kilmer x Ch. S. Rock Ola Baby J.W.). Lesley & I could not be prouder of this special litter, 3 Champions, 2 POTY Qualifiers, 3 Junior Warrant winners, Top Puppy in Breed (‘15) incl. BPIB at Crufts, Overall Premier League Winner and now a total of 16 CC’s & 20 RCC’s (incl. 5 BISS Ch.) and 4 Group placings between them. Not forgetting ZiZi’s epic Pedigree Paws Unite walk raising over £3500 for charity. Thank you to all owners, John, Heather & Candice and Jacqui for being on this journey. To Teija for the opportunity with Higgins. To all the judges especially Susan Bishton, Paul Harding and Jeff Luscott for ZiZi’s 3 CC’s and all the other judges who have appreciated our Great Danes. A very proud breeder moment xx

WKC Judge Elina Haapiniemi's critiques


Here are the critiques - Ch. Selmalda The Journey J.W., three year old upstanding very beautiful Fawn male full of his own importance. When you look at him it is easy to understand why the breed is called the Apollo amongst dogs. Shown in lovely bloom. Excellent size and masculine all through. Very good length of head, would like a slightly better chiselled skull. Excellent dark eye and lovely expression. Quality bone, well made legs and feet. Excellent body. Impressive mover. Happy to award him the CC and Best of Breed. Put up a very good performance in the Group and went on to win a well deserved Group 2 - congratulations! Ch. Selmalda Journey To Melody At Samdice, I liked this one as soon as she entered the ring. Three year old beautiful bitch with lovely outline. Shown in good, fit condition. Good head of nice length, just a little strong in skull. Super eye and expression. Quality bone. Just tends to toe in a little. Excellent body and strong, well made rear. Super movement in profile. Feminine, noble and carried herself to advantage. RCC. Selmalda ZiZi's Journey J.W., litter sister to first. With their CC and BOB winning brother these littermates certainly should make their breeder proud. Strong bitch of lovely type who I would have preferred in slightly leaner condition. Lovely quality head, medium brown eye. Excellent bone. Beautiful neck. Rather strong rear angulation. Strong mover.

Welsh Kennel Club


A wonderful day at The Welsh Kennel Club show where Elina Haapaniemi (Finland) judged the breed. Lesley and I are over the moon with the results, it was just a shame Lesley was unable to attend. Ch. S. The Journey J.W. - 1st Open Dog, Dog CC (#10) & BOB for co-owner Jacqui. Ch. S. Journey To Melody At Samdice - 1st Open Bitch & RCC for owners John, Heather & Candice. S. ZiZi's Journey J.W. - 2nd Open Bitch. Ruger had terrific support in the Group and put in a sterling performance (he just loves the big ring) and delighted when Stuart J Mallard awarded him Group 2 (pictured). Well done to the other winners on the day, to those who stayed behind to support and the many great comments received about our Danes. Stuart Mallard's critique - Group 2 and so close up was the noble Great Dane, Chappell & Williams Ch. Selmalda The Journey J.W., displays strength with grace, such a harmonious picture standing, quite beautiful and an effortless mover, had great appeal.

Bournemouth CA


Bournemouth CA - Judge Meg Purnell-Carpenter. Ch. S. The Journey J.W. - 1st Open & DCC, #9. S. ZiZi's Journey J.W. - 2nd Open Bitch. Lesley, Jacqui & I are happy! Here is Megs critique - Ch Selmalda The Journey JW. 3 years, dog of quality, excellent head proportions, good forequarter angulation, firm topline, well balanced hindquarters. Extremely sound on the move. Shown in excellent order.



Ch. Selmalda The Journey J.W. is awarded BEST IN SHOW at the Pennine GDC's Championship Show. Many thanks to judge Margaret Grosvenor for this special win and the following write up - Impressive Fawn. Very good topline and correct angulation front and rear. I have seen this dog from the ringside and seen him slowly mature and feel that he is now at his prime. Pleased to award him the CC and Best of Breed on the referee's decision.

Southern Counties CA


A super day for the Selmalda Team at Southern Counties CA today. Lesley & I are justifiably proud and appreciate all the kind comments and well wishes. Thank you to breed judge Jenny Wiltshire. S. Journey To The Line - 1st Limit Dog for co-owners John, Heather & Candice. Ch. S. The Journey J.W. - 1st Open Dog, Dog CC, BOB (pictured with breed judge Jenny) & Working Group 4 (Kari Jarvinen) for co-owner Jacqui. S. ZiZis Journey J.W. - 2nd Open Bitch. A lovely day in the sunshine (with a Pimms or two!) and thank you to all those who stayed and supported Ruger in the Group. Here is what breed judge Jenny wrote about Ruger - Ch. Selmalda The Journey J.W., Fawn, admired this dog from the ringside and did not disappoint when judged, correct masculine head, lovely tight dark eye, strong well arched neck leading into well laid back shoulders, chest meets his elbows and good front, level top line which he held on the move, good croup and correct rear, well off for bone though still keeping his elegance, moved with drive and no pinning in, handled with perfection, he was my Dog CC & BOB, pleased to see him get Group 4.

Champion #15


A proud Breeder moment for Lesley & I and delighted for co-owner Jacqui. Champion number 15 for Selmalda.

The National


At The National leading breed aficionado Jean Lanning (Clausentum) judged the breed and awarded Ch. Selmalda The Journey J.W., co-owned and handled today by Jacqui Williams, his 6th CC. Here is what Jean wrote about him, Chappell & Williams Selmalda The Journey - caught my eye immediately, not with his usual handler, I thought a new one for me. I gave this dog a RCC as a raw youngster. Now an example of presenting a super fit dog. Not done without hard work. Today his sixth CC, confirms his excellence. CC. Good job Jacqui & Ruger.

WELKS Championship Show


Lesley and I had a super day at WELKS with the team with some lovely results. Our appreciation to judge Inez Cooke. Selmalda Journey To The Line - 1st Limit Dog for co-owners John, Heather & Candice Dyson. Ch. Selmalda The Journey J.W. - 1st Open Dog, DCC & BOB, pictured, and Working Group shortlist (last 7) under Frances Krall for co-owner Jacqui Williams. Selmalda ZiZis Journey J.W. - 2nd Open Bitch. Thanks everyone for the well wishes and well done all the other winners. It was great to be back outside again on grass. Here is what Inez wrote about Ruger - Selmalda The Journey J.W., Fawn upstanding male offering size and substance and retaining the all important elegance. Head with the desired length, depth and width. Face well chiselled with a nice rise over the eyes. Good ear carriage. Good length of neck flowing into well placed shoulders. Deep brisket and well filled for chest. Good length of back into good croup and tail set. Well ribbed and good bend of stifle. Moved round well in good hard condition. Fully matured and at his best. Pleased to award him the CC. Well deserved.

Happy 11th Birthday Echo


Lesley & I are delighted, and proud, to wish a very Happy 11th Birthday to the Ch. S. Romeo J.W. x Ch. S. Me And My Shadow J.W. kids. To our own Echo, pictured, to Richard & Tinas Dannel, Dave and not forgetting Ch. Has To Be, Ares, who was adored by Nigel & Dawn. A very special day ahead for Echo who will share her day with daughter Georgia and granddaughter Harlem.

Happy 8th Birthday Georgia


Lesley and I wishing a very Happy 8th Birthday to the Bono x Echo kids. Lovely to still have Georgia here amongst the pack X Ralf - John, Heather & Candice. Marco - Marian. Georgia Daisy - Judy & Stuart And remembering those who are no longer with us - Elke - Fiona Geno Nova Spring - Judi & Bill



A wonderful day at the Scottish GDC Championship Show for the team, another super memorable day for Lesley & I. Dog Judge Mandy Bithell S. Oh Boy At Thornbrae - 1st Special Open Brindle for owners Jim Sneddon & Ronnie Lawton. Ch. S. The Journey J.W. - 1st Open, DCC & BIS for co-owner Jacqui Williams. Pictured with Dog Judge Mandy and thanks to referee Judy Greig. Bitch Judge Judy Thurlby S. ZiZis Journey J.W. - 1st Open. Ch. S. Journey To Melody At Samdice - 3rd Open for owners John, Heather & Candice Dyson. Here is Mandy's critique - Selmalda The Journey J.W., beautiful upstanding, well muscled, super conditioned & well boned fawn boy, whose handler got the best out of him. Nice dark eye, soft kind expression, a good length & breadth of muzzle, with the classic ridge over the nose, beautiful well arched neck, correctly shaped & well placed ears, carried high, all give him the classic look of ‘dash & dare’ that you don’t see so often these days in the breed. Well filled front of good depth & width. Stood on catlike feet & super short nails. Good angles front & rear. Moved soundly round the ring. This boys attributes portrays a clean outline & every inch a Great Dane. Was pleased to award him BD & was thrilled to see him go BIS on the referees decision. Many congratulations & well deserved. Thank you for all the wonderful comments, well done to all winners, home now and time for a well deserved celebratory drink!



Lesley & I are thrilled to bits as today Ruger was awarded his 3rd CC & BIS at the South Western GDC and, subject to KC confirmation, becomes our 15th Champion bred. Ruger is co-owned with Jacqui who aside from loving him to bits conditions him perfectly. Thank you to the judges who have awarded him his CC's Ilona Onstenk-Schenk (Southern Counties '16), Pat Patch (M&WEDGC '16) and Maria McGuinness (SWGDC, pictured) and of course to those who have thought so highly of him with 7 RDCC's and, now, 7 BIS's under his belt. Here is Maria' critique - Selmalda The Journey J.W., a very impressive all male Fawn b/m dog of 2 years 9 months, in excellent condition, strong head but not too much lip (as is quite often seen in stronger dogs), correct bite, dark eye, good ear carriage, alert expression, well arched neck into shoulders, hard muscled body, good angulation, lovely topline, powered around the ring with both strength and elegance, a pleasure to go over this dog, my CC winner and was happy to see him go BIS.

GDBOA & The Great Dane Club Back 2 Back


A super day for the team today and wonderful results at the Great Dane Breeders & Owners Association and The Great Dane Club Back 2 Back shows. Thank you to the judges and for the congratulations and compliments ringside, Lesley and I are very proud. GDB&OA Open Show - Christopher Quantrill S. Journey To The Line - 1st Limit Dog, co-owned with John, Heather & Candice. S. The Journey J.W. - 1st Open Dog, BD & BIS, co-owned with Jacqui (pictured today). GDB&OA Open Show - Sarah Richardson. S. ZiZis Journey J.W. - 1st Open Bitch, RBB. The Great Dane Club Limited Show - Gary Withers. S. Journey To The Line - 1st Open Dog. Here is Dog Judge Christopher Quantrill's critique - Selmalda The Journey J.W., this dog for me fulfils the Standard in virtually every word especially in the ‘general appearance: very muscular, strong though elegantly built, with the look of dash & daring’. Having said this he was also calm & gentle & so regal I found it hard not to keep looking at him while going over the other dogs in the class. He has a classically correct head & is equally so well balanced & has enough muscle & good bone to ensure you see strength in him in abundance & power. I had no difficulty in making this beautiful male my BOB & I am so pleased my co-judge of the bitches agreed without the need for any referee. I am sure this elegant young male will be a champion.