Stankirk Boarding Kennels & Cattery

Stankirk Boarding Kennels & Cattery are ideally situated in beautiful Derbyshire countryside at Darley Dale. They are owned and run by Lesley and Adam Chappell with the help of our dedicated assistants.

The kennels and chalets are purpose built and each has a generous indoor sleeping area, with a raised bed, comfortable vet bedding and a pop hole leading to a fully covered outer run. The kennels and chalets are heated (feline guests have their own thermostatically controlled heated bed), extra direct heat is available upon request, and always have fresh water. Our outside exercise runs are fully secure.

We are able to accommodate up to three family dogs together in the same kennel and we also have large kennels for the giant dog breeds.

In order to help pets settle more readily it is recommended that boarders bring in a home comforter. To maintain our high level of hygiene Vet Bed can be supplied to each boarder. All bedding is checked each morning and evening and where necessary it is laundered to ensure your pet always has dry bedding.

A selection of good quality diets are provided in order to maintain your pets normal menu but wherever pets are on a special or different diet these can be supplied by the customer and feeding instructions will be adhered to. Under normal circumstances boarders receive their main meals at breakfast and tea.

A bathing service is available. Prices include a specialist shampoo ensuring your pet returns home clean and sweet smelling. All details are available through reception. In our shop we have a range of diets and accessories available at competitive prices.

We realise that your pets health and security are of paramount importance and this is why we have quality insurance cover and that we ensure that a veterinary surgeon is on call at all times.

We pride ourselves on being loving pet owners who understand that animals are part of the family. We therefore endeavour to provide a first class quality service at a competitive price giving all boarders our caring attention in comfortable surroundings every time they stay with us.

Medical Requirements

All animals staying with us must have a valid vaccination certificate including:
Canine - Annual Kennel Cough vaccination (dated at least two weeks prior to residency) & Annual Booster vaccination
Feline - Annual Booster Vaccination including feline enteritis and cat flu.

We now accept certificate of evidence from a Veterinary Surgeon a Vacci Check titre test for dogs and cats that tests for antibody levels of the core infections.

This certificate will be accepted as proof of immunity but must be valid for the period of your pets stay. The titre test is a blood test that we would require yearly repeated to test for antibodies to the core infections. Evidence of any re-vaccination needed must also be produced.

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Please respect our safety standards:

  • ●  We restrict visitors to groups of two to minimize disruption to our residents.
  • ●  Children under the age of 16 may not enter the Kennels for Health & Safety reasons.
  • ●  Dogs must be kept on a lead at all times.
  • ●  In the interests of hygiene, we provide all baskets, bowls etc.

Opening Hours

Mon - Fri: 09:00 - 11:00am and 15:00 - 17:30pm
Sat - Sun: 10:00 - 11:00am and 15:30 - 16:30pm

We consider that our opening times are very extensive, therefore, pets may only be collected and delivered within these hours. Please ensure that you know our hours when booking your pets stay with us. Kennel visits are always welcome any day between 2.00pm and 3.00pm so that we can spend quality time showing around and answering questions.

Cat Cabin Charges - from May 2023

Single Occupancy - £16.00
Double Occupancy - £25.00
Triple Occupancy - £27.00

Kennel Charges - from May 2023

Single Occupancy - £24.00
Double Occupancy - £34.00
Triple Occupancy - £39.00

  • ●  There is a single surcharge of £35.00 per animal over the Christmas and New Year period
  • ●  There is a minimum two day charge

Charges & Bookings - A full day will be charged for the day or any part of the day on which your pet is booked to arrive. If your pet is booked out and collected before on the day of departure there will be no charge for that day. All days booked must be paid for so please ensure you book ONLY the days you require.

Finally please go on holiday without any worries about the welfare of your pet who will receive caring attention from us and our dedicated staff. Thank you for choosing to board your pet at Stankirk Boarding Kennels & Cattery.

Debbie Callaghan

The day to day running of Stankirk Boarding Kennels & Cattery is managed by Debbie Callaghan who has over 30 years knowledge, practical experience in the caring for and training of dogs and holds a Diploma in Advanced Canine Behaviour. Debbie's passion for dogs started with the love of German Shepherd Dogs, competing in trials and handling in the show ring. Debbie has worked for charities where extensive knowledge and skills were gained in the health care and training of guide dogs. Debbie is very competent in dealing with and advising on behaviour problems in dogs. Her belief in handling animals in a kind, compassionate way along with high standards of physical and emotional care, ensures your pet is valued as an individual during their stay within our safe, comfortable and loving environment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is Kennel Cough and do I require a separate vaccination?
A. Kennel Cough is a highly contagious infection, although not usually fatal, it can be troublesome for all ages. This is why we insist that your dog has the annual Kennel Cough vaccination, which is dated at least two weeks prior to residency. Your vet will be able to give your dog this vaccination which is separate from your dog’s annual booster which we also require and again must be dated two weeks prior to visiting. This is to ensure the health and well being of your pet.

Q. Do you groom the boarders?
A. We do have a large canine shower and an additional shampoo and brushing service is priced as follows:

  • Toy breed from £12.00
  • Small breed from £17.00
  • Medium breed from £25.00
  • Large breed from £30.00
  • Giant breed from £40.00
Please ask us to quote for your dog and make an appointment when booking in your dog for his/her stay with us.

Q. What do you feed and how often?
A. We feed our dog boarders a Chicken and Rice complete food or a tinned meat and biscuit. They are either fed once at 4.15pm or twice a day at 8.15am and 4.15pm. Kindly confirm which when booking. Cats are supplied with a quality dried food all day and Felix wet twice daily.

Q. Do you give individual attention to all the boarders?
A. Yes. All our boarders receive lots of love and attention. We have sufficient kennel staff to ensure that your dog or cat's stay with us is a happy one and that afford the time to give them the individual attention and plenty of love.

Q. Do you board cats as well as dogs?
A. Yes, we have a cattery to accommodate and care for your cat while you are away. Your cat will receive the same care and attention as our dog boarders. Each cat has its own heated bed and has full access through a cat flap to a large covered run.

Q. When and how often do you exercise the dogs?
A. The boarding dogs are exercised twice daily. In the morning in an enclosed all weather surface compound whilst their kennel, run and bedding is checked and cleaned. After lunch in our paddock. Either free running with several other dogs, individually free or on a Flexilead. This is playtime too with footballs, Kongs, Frisbee's etc. The type of exercise depends upon the dogs sociability and obedience in returning to one of the staff. All exercise is of course supervised by one or two of our excellent staff.

Q. Can we bring toys for our cats and dogs?
A. Yes, you may bring your pets favourite toys and any special bedding as long as it able to be laundered in a conventional washing machine. However, we can provide fresh bedding for all our boarders.

Q. My cat/dog is on a special diet/medication, can I bring their food/medicines in for you to feed/administer?
A. We have over 30 years experience campaigning Championship show dogs and in dog handling, having successfully run our own private kennels for many years. During this time we have fed our own dogs special diets when required and fully understand the need for this. You are welcome to bring with you any special diet that is required. Please ensure you bring enough for us to feed during their residency. We are also used to administering medicines and will be happy to do so for your dog or cat. Kindly note that there is a £1 charge per Insulin Injection. Again please ensure you bring enough with you to last during their stay in the container supplied by your vet.

Q. Do you board bitches/queens when they are in heat?
A. Yes, we are fully equipped to look after bitches and queens whilst they are in heat. Please let us know when booking if they are in heat or are about to come into heat.