Selmalda News

EEGDC Championship Show


Arriving directly from our success in Belgium it was over to Peterborough for the Club Show. Ann Foxwell judged the males and she awarded Koochie Ryder 1st in Open Dog and eventually the CC. Liz Cartledge judged the bitches, ZiZi won her Junior class and confirmed her Junior Warrant, Essi was second to her, Peach won her Special Open Brindle Class and concluded a great day at the office.

EuDDC Belgium


What a weekend, what a haul. Over to Belgium for the EuDDC 2015. Fawn Judge Milena Franzetti. S. The Journey - 2nd Junior Ex. Jacqui Williams Ch. S. Koochie Ryder J.W. - 1st Champion, RCAC, Ex. S. ZiZis Journey - 1st Junior Ex, Best Junior Female EuDDC 2015 Princess BDDC CBDA S. The Kiss J.W. - 1st Open Ex Lesley and I were delighted with all the super comments about our Danes, we had a whirlwind of a weekend with Jacqui and dogs and some great laughs along the way. Thank you. Pictured is the Princesses huge trophies and Koochie Ryders CC from EEGDC the following day! Home and relax!

City Of Birmingham Championship Show


Lesley and I are so proud and delighted with the fab four from Int. Multi Ch. Diplomatics Val Kilmer x Ch. S. Rock Ola Baby litter. We couldnt ask more of them and over the moon, when today, Jean Lanning awarded S. The Journey 1st in Junior & the RDCC,. Like us I think Jean is rather taken with Ruger (picture taken today). His litter brother, S. Journey To The Line, has won numerous 1sts & RBDs. Both sisters, S. Journey To Melody At Samdice & S. ZiZis Journey are POTY Final Qualifiers, both have won RBPIS at 4 Day All Breed Championship Shows, Essi has 2CCs and ZiZi has 1CC & 1RCC and is, to date, the breeds Top Puppy. We extend our thanks and appreciation to Teija and our super friends and owners John, Heather, Candice and Jacqui.

Leeds Championship Dog Show


Sara Pepper officiated at Leeds and our Danes were awarded the following S. Journey To The Line 2nd Junior Dog S. The Journey 3rd Junior Dog Ch. S. Koochie Ryder JW 2nd Open Dog and RCC S. ZiZis Journey 2nd Junior Bitch S. Journey To Melody At Samdice 3rd Junior Bitch

CHAMPION Selmalda Love Rescue Me


Its confirmed, our 13th UK Champion, our first Brindle. Congratulations John, Lesley & I are super proud of Peach.

National Working & Pastoral Breeds Championship Do


Ryders official Working Group 1 photographs arrived today following his success at National Working Pastoral Breeds Society. Lesley and I are delighted with the capture and of the content of judge Jeff Luscotts critique 1 The winner of the Working Group was the stunning, strong and powerful, very muscular lad Chappells Ch. Selmalda Koochie Ryder JW Great Dane Dog. He is typical, noble and alert, with the look of dash and dare, he says Great Dane with a lovely balance of outline and he flows through his balanced head and strength of jaw, he has a strong well arched neck, good muscled topline and loin, hes well filled in chest, rib and body, he enjoyed himself as he moved around the ring on a loose lead with the reach, and drive from his excellent rear quarters, he is handled with style and made for an impressive picture to win the Group.

EEGDC Open Show


Selmalda ZiZis Journey wins Junior and goes BIS. Selmalda The Journey wins Junior and takes RBIS. Whoopee.

National Working & Pastoral Breeds Championship DS


What an incredible day today at NWPBS. Star of the day was Ryder who won his 8th CC & BOB under breed judge Audrey Farquhar, pictured, and then went on to win WORKING GROUP 1 under Jeff Luscott. An unforgettable day and thank you to both judges and our super friends who stayed with Lesley & I to support us - really appreciated. S. The Journey - 1st Junior Dog. S. Journey To The Line - 2nd Junior Dog. Ch. S. Koochie Ryder J.W. - 1st Open, DCC, BOB, Working Group 1 & RBIS. S. Journey To Melody At Samdice - 2nd Junior Bitch. S. ZiZis Journey - 3rd Junior Bitch. S. Angel Of Harlem J.W. - 2nd Limit Bitch. Ch. S. Love Rescue Me - 2nd Open Bitch. S. The Kiss J.W. - 3rd Open Bitch. A super, super day with John, Mabel, Heather, Candice & John, Jacqui celebrating Peaches crown!

Windsor Dog Show Society


We didnt make it to Windsor albeit John, Heather & Candice were down there with both Hamilton and Essi. Pictured, not the best quality, is a very pleased John with judge Barrie Croft who topped a super Petplan Junior Stakes Class and came away £100 better off. Barries critique 51, Oh what a class, quality stock not even shortlisted. 1. Dysons Selmalda Journey To Melody At Samdice, Fawn Dane Bitch who really appealed to me, pleasing head, lovely neck, shapely and so well balanced, shouts quality and breed type and that free easy strong movement was always going to impress me. At 12 months already on two CCs I am told, her title is a certainty. In the breed classes Ric Beall judged and he awarded Selmalda Journey To The Line 1st Junior Dog. Selmalda Journey To Melody At Samdice 1st Junior Bitch. Lesley and I extend our congratulations to these two super winners.

Blackpool CS


Up to Blackpool where breed judge, and leading all rounder, Jeff Horswell officiated. Not a great deal with the two Junior boys, but Olly won his Post Graduate class for owners Ronnie Lawton and Jim Sneddon. Essi and ZiZi were first and second in Junior and we were delighted when Jeff awarded the CC to John with Essi, an amazing achievement.

Happy Birthday - Higgins x Ola Kids


Where does the time go? A Happy 1st Birthday to the Higgins x Ola kids ZiZi, Essi, Ruger and Hamilton. It has been an amazing year and we look forward to many more. Here they all are pictured in Italy at the World Dog Show a couple of weeks ago.

Border Union AS Championship Show


Lesley and I are absolutely delighted with the news coming down from Border Union. Selmalda Love Rescue Me is awarded her 3rd CC and BOB and, subject to KC confirmation, will become our 13th UK Champion, our first Brindle champion. So, so pleased for owner John who has campaigned her all the way and presented her in tip top condition. Congratulations also to Jacqui and Ruger (S. The Journey) who won BPD on the day. Looking forward to catching up with you all for the celebrations.



Home. What an adventure to the World Dog Show in Milan. Lesley and I had a wonderful week away, over 2300 miles round trip, with like minded friends and of course our Danes. To compete at the WDS is an unbelievable experience and the atmosphere and excitement surrounding the Champions Class was the most emotional, exhilarating and memorable experience I have had in over thirty years of exhibiting Great Danes. It is always a pleasure to meet up with and talk Danes with our friends and fellow breeders from around the World and thank you for all your support throughout our visit. Club Show WDS Thursday 11th Judge Amelia Murante. Selmalda Results The Journey Junior Class 2nd EXC (beaten only by BOB) Jacqui Williams Koochie Ryder JW Champions Class 2nd EXC ZiZis Journey Junior Class 1st EXC Journey To Melody At Samdice Junior Class 2nd EXC Heather & John Dyson The Kiss JW Open Class 2nd EXC Angel Of Harlem JW Open Class 2nd EXC Unfortunately Journey To The Line had taken a knock and was not exhibited on the day. World Dog Show Friday 12th Judge Peter Van Montfoort Dogs. Selmalda Results The Journey Junior Class 2nd EXC Jacqui Williams Journey To The Line Junior Class 4th EXC Candice Dyson Koochie Ryder JW Champions Class 2nd EXC World Dog Show Friday 12th Judge Giovanni Staderini Bitches. Selmalda Results Journey To Melody At Samdice Junior Class 3rd EXC Heather & John Dyson ZiZis Journey Junior Class 4th EXC The Kiss JW Open Class 3rd EXC Angel Of Harlem JW Open Class 1st EXC & RCAC So proud that all our Danes were placed on both days and ALL graded EXCELLENT.

Cover Star - OUR DOGS


Come and get your Our Dogs Annual in Milan. Featuring Selmalda Great Danes on the cover.

Our Dogs Advertising - WDS15 - Milano


The Selmalda team are on our way. Just waiting for the tunnel to leave the UK then we will head off through France to arrive Milano on Monday evening. So excited about the week ahead and exhibiting at the WORLD DOG SHOW 15.

Three Counties AS


This was to be ZiZis final puppy class and was the only representative in attendance under breed judge Ken Toohey. Delighted with her class win and then she goes and secures her fifth Best Puppy award for the campaign. Go ZiZi.

Southern Counties CA


What an amazing day at Newbury! Finnish judge Unto Timonen judged the breed and he awarded S. ZiZis Journey 1st in puppy Bitch, Best Puppy and the RCC - only 11 months of age. Ch. S. Koochie Ryder J.W. topped open and picked up the RCC, his 18th! S. Angel of Harlem J.W. was 2nd in Limit, S. Journey To Melody At Samdice 2nd in Puppy Bitch, S. Journey To The Line 2nd in Puppy Dog and 4th in a quality Eukanuba/Dog World Puppy Stakes (Harri Lehkonen) and S. Love Rescue Me 3rd in Open Bitch. ZiZi went on to claim Working Puppy Group 1 under John Walton Haddon who later awarded her RBPIS.

Dog World - POTY Feature - ZiZi & Essi!


How proud are we here at Selmalda. The only two bitches from the Int. Multi Ch. Diplomatics Val Kilmer x Ch. Selmalda Rock Ola Baby JW litter have both qualified for the prestigious Eukanuba Dog World POTY Finals in October. Both now have 1CC each and both have 3xBPIB S at Championship Shows they are only 11 months of age. Such a lovely surprise to see them both together in Dog World this week.

Scottish Kennel Club


Up to Edinburgh were Stella Clark officiated. S. Journey To The Line was 3rd in Puppy Dog, S. Oh Boy At Thornbrae 3rd in Post Graduate Dog, Ch. S. Koochie Ryder J.W. won Open Dog and the RCC. In bitches S. Journey To Melody At Samdice won Puppy Bitch and the CC! She was Best Puppy and then was shortlisted to the final six in the Working Puppy Group under Ann MacDonald. Back to the breed and S. ZiZis Journey was 2nd in Puppy Bitch whilst S. Angel Of Harlem J.W. and S. The Kiss J.W. won their respective Limit and Open classes before Kiss was awarded her 3rd RCC! What a show!

Birmingham National


Whilst we had not entered at the National our good friends John, Heather and Candice Dyson, John Agnew and Jacqui Williams did have their Selmalda representatives with them. Jacqui won Puppy Dog with Selmalda The Journey whilst S. Journey To The Line was 3rd in Puppy Dog. S. Journey To Melody At Samdice won Puppy Bitch and eventually Best Puppy for owners John and Heather and John Agnew with S. Love Rescue Me was 3rd in Limit. John and Essi proved to be the star of the show as they later won Working Puppy Group 1 under Lynn Salt and ALSO topped the Eukanuba/Dog World Puppy Stakes for the day under Stella Clark. Returning on the final day we were over joyed when Stella chose Essi as her overall winner of the Puppy Stakes, from 272 all breed puppies, and now joins her sister ZiZi at the prestigious final in October. What more could we ask of her? Well she only went on to win RBPIS under Robin Newhouse - what a journey, what a star.